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Thread: Basset Headers and burned ski rope!!

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    Hey everyone - Just purchased a 19 ft Tahiti w/455 olds and Bassett headers. Took out to water ski and burned up the rope on the headers. Anyone know where I can get a pylon that maybe mounts on the front of the engine (for easy access) and high enough to not have the rope lay over the headers?
    Thanks in advance
    p.s. owned at '76 Hallet for 20 yrs. Sold 5 yrs ago. Back in the game with a Tahiti

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Even if you have a special tall ski tow made for your boat[in front of engine], your headers will soon burn the rope. I used an eyebolt and screwed into back of the head. That way it's lower than the headers. Then I bought a used ski tow at a swap meet and cut it down to set almost even with the back of intake manifold. Makes a great place to tie your boat off as well. Rope will never get burned then. I've seen antiburn sheathing you can cover the first 4ft of rope with. But that would be too easy! Budlight

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    thanks for the suggestion. any experience with a python bolted through the transom?

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    thanks for the suggestion. any experience with a python bolted through the transom?
    I dunno... That'd be one pissed off snake. :crossx:

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    find an old oven and remove the beading around the door. this stuff is very heat resistant. basically the same stuff they sell to put around your spark plug wires when they are too close to the headers. slide that beading over the first section of ski rope and posistion it were the area of the rope would contact the headers. youll be good to go and it wont scratch the headers like some other coverings ive heard suggested. (stainless steel line,steel spring, ect). and dont try and buy this stuff from an appliance store. expensive as all hell and most of the time they will look at you and say "what beading?" its worth buying a $20 used oven from a garage sale or thrift store just for that beading. the spark plug wire boots sell for about $16 for enough to do two plugs. one oven beading will take care of all 8. so there ya go, a two in one cure. good luck.

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    I've always used a burn line made by putting a piece of 3/8 fuel line over a short piece of rope. A little ghetto but who cares works good. Ski raced with that setup for about 20 years.

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    Garden hose :rollside:

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    xs ultra
    I get all over the one that's should be taking care of the rope.
    I hate that when has happened us before. And with price of a good wake board rope of about $80.00 that would piss me off.

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    I'm on my 5th season with my olds jet with Bassetts and haven't burned a rope yet. I pull tubers, slalom skiers and wakeboarders, but I run lots of water through the pipes,and never an issue. A good skier will sure move a jet around when they are cutting though.

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    Wet Dream
    Run water through the headers and make wider turns. I've done that same thing to my setup. '76 Hallett w/ 455.

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