I have a 1994 Mastercraft Maristar with a 350 cu. in. tbi (275 hp). Engine rpm's at WOT are 4250 w/ 14 x 18 OJ prop w/ top speed of 42-43 - no ballast, calm waters, cool day, 2 people in the boat. We have not added any ballast to the boat yet, but will probably be doing that this year. With 8 people in the boat, and no ballast it still has decent hole shot.
My question is, to improve performance I could go to a lower pitch prop, (which may or may not lower top speed), or I could put some money into increasing H.P. Does anybody have any suggestions on a performance package (heads, cam, intake) for the Indmar 350, and will the tbi fuel injection compensate for the added H.P.? Can I increase the fuel pressure to the existing system to compensate?
Also any imput on increasing fresh air intake to the engine compartment? Exhaust mod's?