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Thread: Black Carpet

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    Hallett of a Dream
    I am going to replace tho old brown carperting in my boat and was wondering if anyone was using the solid black inddor/outdoor type and if they were, did you notice a major increase in temperature inside the boat from sitting in the sun? I was thinking of going with the grey type, but the black would look better. I just want to be cooked out there.

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    Havasu Hangin'

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    I'm ripping that stuff out of my boat this winter. It's WAY to hot, we're talking blister your feet and make your bic lighter explode kinda hot........DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

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    Not sure what the temps are like in Pennsylvania, but I have experience with dark colors in the boat is black. Very hot when the temps top 100! My carpet is dark red or wine colored (not from spilled but I don't notice too much heat from the carpet...feet usually wet anyway. But the fiberglass and black seats do get hot. I just take a water spray bottle with me and spray 'em down before I sit on them. Doesn't take more than a couple squirts to cool. And come November/December...the black has a nice warm feel to it from the desert sun.

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    fat rat
    H.O.D., had it in my old boat.....never noticed any difference, but it shows every spec of dust.

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    HOD...I have the black indoor-outdoor in my Daytona...It looked great for a while,but after a couple seasons the pile just goes flat.(looks cheap). Did not make the boat any hotter.

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    Hey Jer I was wondering how you handled the heat in the desert sommer months with that color. I have only had this boat out once for the Tower park run and it was 100+ both days. Now I must addmit I'm an spf 5,000 kind of guy with sensitive tootsies but steam came off my seats and deck. I even burned my knees and did blister a foot with that carpet. I've had blue, charcole, green, and brown carpet before in different boats but this black is a bitch!!!! Maybe it's the black seats? In any case there gone come winter! See Ya Don

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    Hi Don,
    I'm an spf 5,000 too I've considered a white or light-colored boat but there's just something about black... I found the best thing is the squirt bottle, not only for seats and deck, but also just to cool down.
    I tried squirt guns and personal "misters." Fun to play with but found the cheap ole' Kmart squirt bottle works best for cooling. Filled with ice water even better! We do a lot of boating on Mead where temps top 115 and no blisters yet. Except from the headers of course! Just be sure to squirt the seats before you sit...

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    Do it right. Outdoor, indoor looks cheap. Get marine grade 20 oz. Looks great, feels good. I have charcoal and its not very hot.

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    fat rat
    I should have been more specific......I use 20-40 oz marine carpet, people use anything else but....the carpet in my new boat is....."Pimp Daddy Purple", what can I say.

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