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Thread: Head bolt torque

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    BA Kurtis
    Can anyone post head bolt torque sequence for BB chevy 502 gen. 5. I need to install heads tommorow and dont have book and no one open. I am pretty sure they are torqued at 90 lbs. correct me if Im wrong. Thanks in advance.

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    Panic Button
    Are you using stock bolts, studs, or aftermarket bolts? Gen 5 stock bolts are 85ft/Lbs

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    BA Kurtis
    I am using studs.

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    ARP? If using the ARP moly lube it's 63#, if using 30w oil then it's 80#.

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    And besides the threads, make sure you put lube on side the washer against the head and the head of the bolt!..

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    BA Kurtis
    Yes they are ARP studs and I have been using 10w 40w oil, Gofastracer I am using anti sieze on washers and nuts, I need to know torque lbs. and sequence.

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    ARP says 80lbs with 30wt oil and that must be used for the nuts and washers also for an accurate torque!.. Torque sequence, start from the center and work your way out in a circular pattern!..

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    BA Kurtis
    OK call me stupid but I just want to make sure I under stand this, If I have ARP studs torqued at 80 lbs. I have to use 30w oil in motor to ensure proper torque. The motor is a blown 502 in a flat with about 30 hrs on it, do you think switching to 30w is ok? Like I said before I have been running 10w 40w. Thanks Gofast. :coffeycup

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    The oil in the motor has nothing to do with torque on the head studs, we're talking about lube on the studs, ARP says 80lbs with 30wt and that must be used on the threads and the washers and nuts to get the correct torque. Other lubes will give different factors, it's all about friction!.

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    The PDF has the torquing sequence...Link ( Holley/Sheets/300-554%20thru%20300-556.pdf)

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