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    Jay, please post when you will be at work again, and the number I can reach you at. Getting serious about a truck, and need to talk to you.

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    he is in havasu right now.. Just talked to him...

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    8 AM tuesday either 714 628 2817 my direct work number or 714 552 0300 mobile..... How's the back doing???

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    Thanks for the response Jay. The back is more screwed up then ever (three surgeries later), and today I am in big time pain, and can't walk without dragging my right leg. So.....if I don't call you in the morning, it's because I'm back in the hospital (or dead from a pain killer overdose). I'm waiting for a return call from my surgeon.
    I need to talk to you about a used 2500 Duramax a friend of WetWillies has, vs the cost of a new one. Here is a link to the thread Duramax (http://www2.*** , as well as some of my concerns. If you have time tonight, and can look it over, and possibly address some of my concerns, I would appreciate it, since I think my back issues might take up the best part of the day tomorrow

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    ttt. Jay, you there? If you could read the thread ih the link I posted, and either respond or PM me a response, I would appreciate it.

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