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Thread: Any Info on Sleekcraft 20' SST OB?

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    I Just bought this 1986 Sleekcraft '20 SST w 200hp Yamaha in Portland OR.
    I changed the oil and gas since it hadn't been run in 5 years and took it up to 70 mph the first day out
    Does anyone have info or experience with these boats they could share with me?
    Any advice on props for top end speed?
    Are there any shops that can hotrod a Yamaha OB?

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    Back To Havasu
    More like a general comment or two. These boats were very fast, and won many mod VP races in their day. Word was the hull would generate a lot of lift, even for a tunnel, and you should get some seat time before you hit the "up" trim button once too often at high speed. Great looking, well made fast boats though. Congrats.

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    These boats use to compete in the Mod VP class and were always fast. I never did see one blow over at 100MPH plus.

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    100 mph !!
    Time for a repower!
    I'm only hitting 70 mph w 200 Yama

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    I'm finding good speed improvements at about 50% lift on the trim indicator

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