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Thread: medallion instruments??

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    i need to replace the sending units on my tanks,does anyone know if medallion instruments is still around?thanks!

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    Not sure if your mfg is still around, but check th ohm values of your sending units ... usuallly they will be standard, (so much for empty and so much for full), then you can call Summit, Rex Marine or Jegs and get the parts you might need.
    just food for thought.

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    flat broke
    Call Rex. I believe their old catalog had part numbers for senders for Medalion, VDO, Autometer etc.
    Good Luck,

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    Kachina in Phoenix still uses them.

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    thanks guys, i had already bought new sending units from CP but was having a hard time getting them set up but i got the float wire cut to the right length i hope to where they are reading right. any input? thanks again!

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    did you get the rod type or the float type? I just got the rod type from cp and they where easy to install.

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    sorry I should have read your post a little slower I see you said float.

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