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Thread: Thanks to all the non-boaters in the channel this weekend......

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    What the hell, why can't people clean up after themselves ?

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    That sickens me!! Same thing happens out in Glamis. Non-riders go out there and leave trash all over, start fights, etc. And the rest of us pay the consequences cause we're losing our privileges, like Comp hill at night. Not to mention the damage trash does to the environment...

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    That f@#ken sucks, I hate to see that . That F's it up for everone.
    I always try to take out more then I bring in.

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    Probably a big reason right there the city is pissed in general about everything relating to the channel.

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    Just great... Wouldn't happen if a boat was parked there...

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    The city guys making the decisions too may not even realize it isn't the boaters mainly leaving the place like a pigtrough. My guess is there are a few boaters contributing too to the mess just based on what I've observed from time to time in other places, probably not the majority by any stretch but as with most things everyone ends up suffering for the acts of the few dumasses.
    But you see this everywhere, people just throwing their crap on the ground, beaches, the side of the freeway, my parking lot, hell I could overextend ***boats bandwidth completing this list. Some people just think the world is their trash can.

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    I'm with ya 100%.....

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    What a bunch of azz holes!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture just pisses me off soo much

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    beer hunter
    You know the sad part is, these peeps would rather be tripping all over that trash than take a minute or two and clean it up. There's a frickin' trashcan right next to them. :notam:

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