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Thread: Recommendations for 28'+ V bottom, budget $85,000?

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    New to the forum and hope to get some recommendations from people in the know here on the forum. I know people love to share their opinions. Plans are for "new", budget is $85,000. I'm thinking stepped V-hull, 496HO motor, open bow. Will use it a combination of river use but plans are to use it in the pacific ocean here in So-Cal as well.
    Are there any manufacturers/models that jump to mind that I should be looking at, anyone in or have been in the same situation, what did you decide on? I am finding my budget seems to be a very big limitation for this size of boat.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    tb, this is right up your alley. i have an 03 2750 laveycraft for sale. this boat handles the ocean with no problem. its balsa cored hull is solid. pm me is your interested. here are some pics pm me if your interested.

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    Thanks WildLevey for the offer, but I my plans are Open Bow and preferably new as well.

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    if you can find a way to bump up your budget, i still say lavey. if not, check out dana 27 off shore and 29 cheetah.

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    river chaser
    also check out domin8tor; he's new to the market though :lightsabe

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    I am a PROUD owner of a 27' Dana. Call Rhett 909-399-4044 for a test drive or click my link below for more information. The Dana is an "ALL BOAT" 27 footer fully loaded with 496HO power, built in ice chest, up to seven colors of gel coat and one of the best owner groups I have seen. Once you go to Dana and read all the press they have received, your choice should be clear.
    If you have any questions PM me with your phone number or ask for mine and I will be happy to talk with you.
    Thank you WildLavey!

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    I think you can get a nicely equipped 29 Shockwave.....
    Not sure if the ULTRA is stepped .......

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    I think you can get a nicely equipped 29 Shockwave.....
    Not sure if the ULTRA is stepped .......
    Yes check out those two boats. The Ultra 28 Stealth is stepped. The bottom is kinda crazy actually. You wouldn't think it would ride so damn well with what it's got going on down there. PM Ultra28 as he is the owner of Ultra Custom Boats and he will take care of ya. PM Frenchie about Shockwave. He is in bed with the owner. :jawdrop:

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    Thanks guys for the responses so far, Laveycraft & Shockwave is definitely on my list. Dana looks like it may be a little smaller than I'd hope, it's 27' and 92" beam. I believe there are larger offerings out there that may suite my needs better.
    I'd appreciate hearing as much input from others as well.

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    Check out the Cobra Performance Boats, a 270 razor!!! Probably about $75k, that will give you some breathing room for a few upgrades... Not that you will need any, cause it'll have everything you need ready to go stock.
    Lots of value and quality!

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