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Thread: Martinez Lake drama??

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    Hello, just got back from Martinez. We were there Fri, Sat and Sun. Since I have two little girls, we went up to the Picacho sandbar to avoid the potentially unpleasant company at the main sandbar (Zoo Island). When we went by at about 1000 on Sat it looked crazy :supp:
    I didn't hear of any major problems though. All in all, everyone I ecountered was very nice and respectful. The ramp was crowded at Fishers, but again everyone was good to go.
    I'm glad I didn't encounter the atmosphere seen at the Channel in Havasu.
    How was everyone else's weekend?

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    We had a great weekend.. It was Drama free for the 1st time in at least the last 3 seasons. The Sand Bar was crowded, but pretty behaved. The water was pretty choppy due to the wind and all the Boats. We where out Friday, Saturday, and half a day Sunday.
    We will be back out in two weekends.... It didnt get over 100, and was great..
    *** Grape Ape ***

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    I'm glad it was drama free. It took me a long time to convince the wife that we could avoid the trouble, if there was any.
    Turns out, it was a very good trip. The wind was up a little, but not too bad. We will be out in two weeks also. If your at the sandbar, maybe we'll see each other.
    I'd like to take at look at your Shadow. That will prolly be my next boat.

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    Greg & I will be there.. I dont think our Girls are going back out tell the 4th of July Weekend.. Stop by for a Cold one and say hello..
    *** Grape Ape ***

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    Sounds like we should have been where you were heh. I spent all day Sunday on Lake Pleasent in Az and what a freakin nightmare! Almost had a collision with 2 girls on a jet ski ( I just had a disscussion last week in another forum about this), They closed the 2 boat ramps at about 3 pm and then it got really UGLY....The lake wasn't really that crowded with boats either alot of it was people I think just camping there. People were actually camping in the medians were you park your boat trailers :squiggle:

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