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Thread: How much money did you save by not going out this weekend

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    I figure 1500.00 anyways

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    Didnt save shit!!! Decided to go local to save a few bucks went to elsinore. Went for the last pass around the lake because the launch ramp was a zoo. Cruisen about 4000 rpm moter sounded kinda wierd looked at the gauges oil psi ok fuel psi ok everything looked alright started to slow down to stop sounded like shit Wife said smoke I said oh shit!!! Opened the hatch and I had water up to the starter spilling over to the batteries. Turned on the bilge pumps pumped 8 quarts of fresh oil and water mix into my favorite lake started looking for help and luckily one other boat stopped and towed us to the lakelice and idiot infested dock area. Luckily was able to float it and tie up to the dock and load with no problems and no damage. Today I cleaned and cleaned and assessed the damage found big hole in both sides of oil pan pieces of engine in bilge sometimes Life sucks!!! :cry: :cry:

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    I actually made money since we rented our condo out for the Big weekend

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    Several hundred in gas alone, add a room at the nautical for several hundred more... Phew, looking good so far! The unknown expences and headache of the repairs that when everyone gets home will be complaining about, hummm (priceless), see you guys on the water in about a week.

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    All IN
    Save what. WIFE shopped all weekend. I would have been better off hangin with all the crowds.

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    None. We went to the casino.

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    H20 Toie
    i probably broke even. new gps, new remotes for the engine hatch and cabin door, XM hooked up but i'm ready for next week

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    I saved BIG $$ in beer alone

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    I saved BIG $$ in beer alone
    No way, I'm still buyin drinks... $$$

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    Saved nothing, just deferred it to another weekend. Didn't go this weekend, but it will just be replaced with another.

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