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Thread: graphic design?

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    Excessive Force
    Anyone here do graphic design or know someone who does. Looking for a new company logo.

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    My brother does designs...not officially but I am sure he would give it a shot. If you like it you can pay for it. If you want his info let me know....
    He has done most of my businesses and is very creative. (I tried to copy by business card on here but it will not work...)

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    Kasch Designs Rialto..........909-875-4022

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    UBFJ #454
    Santaya Media Consultants (Debbie) does all our graphics for our businesses & our drag boat ...

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    Here on the boards H2OSKIFAST does it and I had some done by a girl down in So Cal. She did mine and they came out great.

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    I do Graphic Design. I charge 50/hr or per job.
    I Just finished school for it at FIDM ( and I have skills.
    partial portfolio (
    I look at graphic design as Visual Problem Solving, and would like to Help a Fellow HB member out! :boxingguy :redface:

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