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Thread: HELP: tilt assembly for 2.5 needed

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    Mike Schmidt
    Anyone out there have a Tilt assembly they want to sell?

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    for 2.5EFI High Performance (single ram external pump) or 2.5 standard (fishing stye motor with twin rams/self contained pump)?
    if its the standard, check out

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    Mike Schmidt
    single ram high performance type, but thanks.

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    I have one off an older 2.4 offshore mid. I'll try to dig it out of the shed and take some pictures. Gary. email me an address so I can send them direct.

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    You Te
    single ram high performance type, but thanks.
    I have one, I would have to take the tower housing and the adpt. plate off.
    How much will you pay for it?

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    Mike Schmidt
    Thanks to all for the responses. I bought a new one :hammer2: :hammer2: couldn't wait for a used one. WOW merc is proud of their chit.

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    If anyone else needs one,,,,,,,, I have one for sale! It's off a 1996 2.5 EFI!!!
    I'm sorry I'm so late! :hammerhea

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    Rocket, is that a complete mid or just the clamp/swivel?

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