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    Hey I was just wondering if you liked the exhaust logs I sent you? Also I dont know if you got the e-mail I sent you, was just wondering what you wanted to do about the shipping cost on them it was $52.00 to ship them to you. you gave me $100.00 for them but nothing for the shipping, If you can e-mail me.
    Thanks, Ryan

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    Yep, I got the e-mail. It was from an "ALISA BECKE" and I had responded to it within a couple days. In it I said, that I was currently out of state (ARK) and wouldn't be able to do anything until I got back and would that week.
    You never responded to my 2 inquiries about shipping cost in the original post. And then, after you shipped them, you said the shipping would be $54.00 not $52.00.
    BUT, I like the manifolds very much! Thank you. And will be shipping the postal Money Order ($54.00) out tomorrow. Do you want it in your name this time?
    I have literally not stepped into a car/truck and left my home since getting home Monday and promised to ship it this week. I'll still make good on that promise. Got a number of errands to run and your is first priority.

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    It's no hurry, I just wanted to make sure you received them! I understand being busy! I'll send you the receipe on the shipping if you want, My friend is the one who sent them for me, I thought he said $52.00 or $54.00 Just send $52.00 thats fine. Alisa is my girlfriend, she didnt tell me about the E-mail! Thanks, Ryan

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    I dropped the M.O. ($54) in the mail today (4/5) at 1:00, after lunch.
    Everythings cool here and sorry about the delay. Let me know if you don't see it in about 4-5 days. Those manifolds are exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
    And, at one time you mentioned to me on another post that you were possibly willing to tow a boat back to the IL or IN area. Have you moved back now or is that still something you could do?

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    Thanks! Actually, I'm moving back to California the first week of June, I could tow something that way, if you needed Im in Illinois right now. Let me know .

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