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Thread: 1 Piece Oil Pan Gasket????

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    Wetter the Better
    Is anyone using the one piece gasket on BB or SB Chevy? Any problems? Do you like it? Don't like it? Are they worth the extra money over the standard gasket? Please give me some feedback!! Thanks in advance.

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    There are a couple of different brand one piece gaskets that I have used on both big and small Chevy engines. I did some searching for black ones for some of the show engines I have built, so they wouldn't have the bright blue showing in a red engine or something. They have been pretty good to me, most have bushings so you can't over tighten them, and they won't split like cork. To some degree they are reusable. I use just a dab of silicon in the corners, but they look to me like they would probably work with no sealer. The only other thing I have noticed is that you have to be careful that they don't squeeze out between the timing cover and pan.
    I need to drop the pan on my Vega wagon and put one in, I didn't have one when I assembled that engine, and it has an annoying little leak in the back corner.

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    I have one on my BBC and I like it. I reused it on my last rebuild. Cleaned it good with laquer thinner and put on some new rtv and no leaks.

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    Obnixious, what brand is the one you use?

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    I used one (Felpro, blue) on the PS motor, NO sealant, none, zero.......No leaks....MP

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    If the pan ain't beat up they won't leak, I use one dry and no leaks they are the shit!..

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    Wetter the Better
    thats what im looking for actual users with actual results,The blue (felpro) wont be that bad,color of motor.
    Any users of the SCE brand?

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    Wetter the Better
    If the pan ain't beat up they won't leak, I use one dry and no leaks they are the shit!..
    nope,brand new pan for this build

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    nope,brand new pan for this build
    Then you're good to go!..

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    We use (and re-use) the SCE brand and they work really well. As GoFast said if the pan's not beat up they ARE the shit. One of our dry sump pans has been "windowed" and repaired and it is not perfect. Since these gaskets have standoff bushings that prevent over tightening, it leaked. We had to use some silicone and it sealed just fine... Sure beats cork! Heck, even wine bottles are getting away from cork seals.

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