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Thread: Thanks Absolute Marine (Aaron)

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    This past Sat. we ( PlayDeep, Warlock25's, aka. John and Michele ) were in Parker enjoying a weekend of boating when mid afternoon the starter in the Eliminater went south.
    We made it back to Havasu and around 5:15 John suggested they attempt to find a new starter ( like that was going to happen ). They stopped into Absolute where Aaron's wife was waiting for him to return from helping another boater who had trouble on the water. We explained the situation and she asked us to hang until Aaron returned. Mind you, she had been there all day with her 8 week old baby and was ready to go home for the day!
    When Aaron showed up we showed him the starter, he headed to the back and appeared with a starter that he said was used but appeared to be brand new. He handed it over, refused payment at the time, and said if it works (IT DID), come by some time and pay me.
    He could have blown us off or gouged us but instead he did his best to help us out and get us back on the water. This is not the first time that Aaron has helped us at the last minute but the third time. We will ALWAYS use Absolute when the need arises and would encourage other boaters, when in Havasu, to do the same.
    Thanks again Aaron, you are the BEST!

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    I spent a day at Absolute (Jay was getting the finishing touches put on his new motor) and I can tell you that Aaron, Cheryl and the entire staff are top notch! Willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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    Where in Havasu are they located?

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    Absolute Marine is located on Industrial right across the street from The Boat Brokers. And I'm sure that the gear reduction starter that he handed us to "try out", even used, is a bit more than the $40.00 that he charged us! Aaron and his wife really know what customer service is all about!

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    Havasu Luvr
    My first experience with Absolute Marine was sat morning. Launch 6:30am and my engine over heated. had to wait almost 2 1/2 hours for the damm thing to cool down....finally pulled it out around 9am and started to head for Arron's shop....could NOT make the left turn from 95 to Industrial because of the back-up from Winsor so I just drove it back home (N. LHC) started tearing the pump out and in the meantime I had GF call around for best price/availablility on an impellar. Most of the shops had in stock @ $30.00 and Absolute had stock but wanted $48.00. I called Arron for a quick chat and I talked to Brian. He gave me valuable info on how to and what to look for. I decided to purchase the MORE expensive impellar from him this time around. Had it running and ready to go the next morning and spent the day running the lake with Jay....
    Great day on the water with ya Jay.....Danke ! ! ! but next time we could save some fuel? :wink:

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    It doesn't surprise me.. Aaron did kind of the same thing for me. You just can't find anybody to go over and beyond the call, Absolute is the only place I will go for any boat services. Adda boy Aaron.

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    Aaron and gang are a great bunch even though he keeps forgetting to take my cover back up to my house. C'mon Aaron, you live right around the corner.
    I love you though! :yuk:

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    Whipped Caliber
    Where in Havasu are they located?
    Absolute Marine
    1633 Industrial blvd.
    Lake Havasu, AZ 86403
    (928) 855-2252
    Aaron is a great guy to work with, he picked my boat up and fixed it and returned it to mmy site.
    It's nice to see some one who cares!!!!!

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    Mrs. casean
    They are great! Aarons wife picked up our boat from our storage in Parker on Wed and we picked it up from them on Friday afternoon. Gas pedal was sticking and that was not something we could not get away w/ on the lake! They were awsome! Busy for sure but got it done and we were on the water for the rest of the weekend! And their baby is so cute!

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    Absolute is the best. Aaron is the only guy I'll let work on my stuff.

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