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Thread: pump?

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    hello out there i have a ques. i'm rebuild my pump (dominator 12s) do to cracked impeller. on the suction piece going through the bottom of the boat (where the bolt's go through)it has some type of hard puddy stuff. can't get to the bolt head's to pull the suction piece out! any body know what this stuff is and how to clean it out of there with out herting the boat or suction assembling? thank's Ty

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    Usally some type of epoxy(like seagoing)is used to fill the bolt holes and seam the intake. Very nasty stuff to remove. But I think the question here is why do you want to take it out? You can replace impeller and leave that suction piece installed.
    Flat broke made it more clear than I did. Unbolt the suction piece from the intake.
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    True!sence i have it almost all the way down isn't it beter to replace the trust bearing and clipper seal's and that stuff now insted of later? then it's done all the way! Why do you think i don't need to?

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    flat broke
    I don't have a dom pump so I may be wrong, but I would think that if it is anything like a berk, the bolts that hold the suction piece to the intake flange shouldnt have epoxy over them. On a berk, there are two sets of bolts, 1 set bolts the intake flange to the hull and the other bolts the suction peice(where the bearing, impeller, and seals reside) to the intake flange. Bottom line is that you don't have to un bolt the intake flange to get the suction piece out. Hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't.
    Chris (

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    greg shoemaker
    Is this an insert pump where the hand hole cover is outside the boat.

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    On my 12s you can unbolt the suction housing from the hull intake on the top side. I dont think you should have to remove the intake from the hull. But if you do, a dremel tool with a 1/8" rotory file will make quick work of the epoxy on your screw heads. Wear googles, its messy/dusty.
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    Greg the hand hole is inside the boat

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    Disconnect your cables, take off your transom adapter, look inside at the bottom of your pump, there will be 14 bolts around the bottom where it bolts to the intake piece they have 1/2 inch head on them, take them out, seperate the pump from base and slide out thru the back of the boat. Jim Brock

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    thanks hydromobile so i don't have to take it out off the bottom of the boat it's two pieces?

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    If you need any other help, give me a call cyclone speed and marine (818)890-1867 10-7pm Jim

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