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Thread: Lake Travis Anyone?

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    Any HB'ers here live at Lake Travis outside of Austin?
    What's it like out there?

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    It is a great lake Dave. We are going to be down there the weekend of 6/10-12, picking up Lianna at camp and looking over some colleges in the area. We may even get a chance to try out some different boats I have been looking at in the area. Are you going, or moving, whats up?

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    Mark Sims
    For your size boat you will love it. Small jets will be in trouble in some parts due to big boats wakes on a rough day. Its a big chain of lakes and deep. Diving is also very good.Lots of big boats on Travis.

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    I live in college station abotu an hour or so away from austin. I've been to travis a few times, prolly the cleanest lake in texas, bad part is there are very few if any beaches, mostly all limestone rock. On the weekends it gets pretty rough, a lot of boats out there specially big ones. Its still cool to go to a lake where you can see 10-15 feet down though.

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    Thanks for the report.
    Sounds like a nice place.
    LSR....just tossing some ideas around.
    I'd need to find a job out there.
    For what I do, might be a challenge.

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    Hmm I drive by Mansfield Dam every day to work and back. Yes it does get very rough! The lake is for flood control mostly, and flood stage is I think 691. won't put my sanger in there, nothing low.
    Lake Austin is more mellow but very cold up towards the dam.

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    Red Horse
    Would love to go!! Great Lake. Cant remember the name of the cove, but it is half way up the opposite side of Pace Bend park Locals call it Pale Face park.. Cow Creek, but I am not sure.
    You can beach at Pace Bend but watch the rocks. Plus you will have to pay a fee as well. The rangers walk around and look for your permit and if you dont have one you either get one or have to leave.
    For you small boat owners, the Perdanales river is good and up past it as well on Travis is pretty good.
    Sweet V, got land in Driftwood off FM 150!! Own part of York Creek!!

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    Lake Travis has something for everyone from partying in Devils Cove to finding private coves up the Colorado River. I take my 18-ft jet all the time on the Pedernales R. and up the Colorado R. I can always find something to enjoy. The lower end is rough as hell for low free board boats but if you want to go to the party, you can get there.
    If any of you are familiar with The Oasis Restraunt on the cliffs overlooking the main basin of the lake, the one with the spectacular views, a good portion of it burned but they have reopened and are rebuilding.

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    Sweet Addiction
    I am just going to give it about 10 thumbs up if I had them. Great Place. Something to do for everyone. I go out there pretty much every weekend.

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    Lake Travis is awesome.. Your right though there's a cove for everyone... Whether you want to party or just relax...Good place to go fast too...

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