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Thread: trim around the boat

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    when i started to restore my tahiti i took off the side molding and trashed it thinking it would be easy to find well i'm having a hard time now does the factory stuff still around or is there a aftermaket way of doing it 19ft bubble deck tahiti 1979

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    Call L and L marine in Corona. Let me look for the number.

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    thanks dan. So you think they still make something for that

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    Squirtin Thunder
    RexMarine can also help !!!!

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    thanks dan. So you think they still make something for that
    Yea, I think so. They have all kinds of rub rail in the catalog.
    I gots the number too. 1800-969-7278

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    I bought mine for my tahiti from jet boat performace in atascadero.. I think his website is

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    bergeron marine has them. We put one on 460 jus getn it's boat. It wasnt hard at all. I think its around $140-170 depending on colors of the aluminum and insert. Call em up tomorrow. 480-834-1531

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    Hope you are not looking for 5/8 wide. I looked for about 2 months and could not find any.. I purchased some 3/8 alum which worked out fine from It is very easy to install. Good luck.

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