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    OK I just sat and talked for hours with someone who has the city council's ear in Havasu, I let them know about the dam run and that about sixty boats that would normally be in havasu on an OFF weekend would not be in havasu... They said "sounds kinda like a boycott on Havasu" Now I think I have their ear, I mentioned I spent about 3k in Havasu in 4 1/2 days this last weekend... I brought up the marina issues and was told the lease with the Marina can only be broken if there is a need for another marina. IN OTHER WORDS if Jeff keeps the Marina from being full they can't take it away from him OR EXPAND and/or build another marina in Havasu... What I am thinking is if each of us uses a credit or debit card while at KL (for hotel food gas etc) makes a photo copy of all the reciepts (Blacking out the cc #) we will be able to show approx $35k was spent by all of us for one day of boating.( 2 days in a weekend 4.3 weekends in amonth) or $301,000 in one month $3.61 million dollars a year It might not hurt to have the city council on our side with the marina or channel issues I'M SURE THEY DON'T WANT THERE TOWN TO TURN OUT LIKE PALM SPRINGS loosing millions every year of tourist's money

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    Havasu Hangin'
    They gotta know what they are doing to the tourist dollars....nobody is that stupid.

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    We'll be staying at Katherines, an using a credit card. so let us know what you want to demonstrate the points you are trying to make for us all

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    So multiply that by 20 or so weekends in Havasu with about 100 times more boaters than will be at KL and tell me what the F the local Havasu gov. is thinking...

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    They gotta know what they are doing to the tourist dollars....nobody is that stupid.
    I don't think they are putting in on that big of a scale.... They are trying to get ride of 200 parking spots in the channel if 60 boats make approx 35k differance 200 boats would be approx $110k per day $946,000 per month or $11,352,000 ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS

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    Oh yeah Don Clarke is trying to fast track the one way in the channel law and their were people from the city council in the channel on Saturday... they seemed to be willing to give the one way thing a chance....

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    I give you copies
    but for the most part I wont go to havasu any more

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    I will copy my receipts, it's sure to be an expensive weekend

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    Good point but it all starts with getting organized, some type of boating assoc. See other thread.

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    Wow I knew I spent way too much money on boating but when you put it like that......................Count me in Jay what ever it takes to get the political views on the right track

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