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Thread: Low Rider Trailer

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    Terrible Buddhist
    HELP! I moved the Terrible Buddhist to MA, and I can't get my boat up the drive way!!! I have a competition there any way to raise it?

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    Havasu Hangin'
    What size rims & tires do you have?

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    Hey my trailer sits really low in the back too I bought a reciever and a 2 inch dropped hitch you can also add longer shackels to the leaf springs dont raise to much may cause trailer to be unstable.

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    Another possibility (although more expensive) is to check out Norther Hydraulics. They offer fairly reasonably priced replacement axles, some straight, some with drops.

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    If your axles are over your springs, switching them to the bottom is a really easy, and cheap 2 1/2 inch lift. If you have brakes, you will need to switch the pads over too, but all in all, you will not change the geometry or the way it trailers, just the overall height. Just a thought.

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    If you can find a spring you can re-arch the springs for a resonable cost, raising up the trailer.
    PS miss seeing you post on the RJB message board.

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    Terrible Buddhist
    I just bought a has really sucked up my time as of late. I am working on a jet of a different sort...restoring a 1920's fountain that is in my back yard. I really need to get going on the boat though...I have to figure out something w. the carb...I need to have it boost referenced...or come up with something else.

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