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Thread: What kind of plugs & wires should I use for my 454?

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    I just swapped over from a points distributor to an HEI very simple swap might I add. Now I'm trying to find what the best wires, and spark plugs without an outrageous price for my 1975 Apollo with a 454ci running 11:1 compression, and pushing over 500 horses. Any suggestions?

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    Jon, I have always been a big fan of Taylor wires. I can't count how many plug wires sets I have installed, and Taylors are my favorite by far. They seem to work the best in the boat for me. Sorry, can't help you with the plugs though, I haven't found any that work extremely well. http://free.***

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    Taylor wires. -DD out

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    Duane HTP
    A set of J12YC champoins set at .044" gap would be a good place to start. Make sure you have enough clearance for the projected core nose.

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    Duane HTP
    Forget the last post. I made a mistake. I was thinking Olds when I posted that. For the Chevy, I would start with a RV9YC or a RV12YC set at .044", if it's using a taper seated 5/8" plug. The 12's would work best IF you watch them and make sure they're not to hot. use N9YC if it's a long reach. Same setting.

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    MSD wires are the best. Use the red ones. Can't remember the name. If they are good enough for top fuel dragsters and funny cars, they have to work on our little engines.

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    Jacobs Electronics are hands down the best wires I've used, lifetime warranty too.

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    Jacobs is what I use. Couldn't be happier. Hey, there blue too.

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    I have Jacobs with porcelain tips. They came with a lifetime warranty too.

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    MSD heli-core wires and NGK #YR5 v-power plugs. There's nothing else better.

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