This weekend i broke down on a river up here in the frozen tundra..... i left the boat at a resort and got a ride with a friend and drove my truck back to pick up the boat. I got my boat on the trailer fine but the ramp had a hell of a peak at the crest. I did not realize i was in trouble until it was too late. I drug the trailer for about 2 feet on the concrete before the rear tires touched again. The problem i have it now my surge coupler doesn't seem to be working very well, if at all. it worked very well before this incident. could i have pulled/pushed the piston out of the master in the coupler. Can you totally compress the tension spring in one of these by doing this? it seems like it is working maybe 15%. it has a Little resistance. the boat is a 236 eliminator eagle and it weighs about 3600lbs. It is a competitive trailer with a coupler a-60 6,000lb upf coupler............. Any and all suggestions or comments welcome.