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Thread: oil temp

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    i have heard from a few people that oil temp on a jet boat can get pretty high. and was thinking of using my temp gauge for oil instead of water. my buddy is sure i really dont need to go through the hastle of doing this. he claims that oil temp will only get 10 degrres hotter than the water temp at most. i myself believe he is full of it and was wondering if anyone else had an input to this.

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    On my boat, I run a water temp gauge and an oil temp gauge. There is no correlation between oil temp and water temp.

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    Dude, your buddy must be smoking crack! He has obviously never run a jet boat with an oil temp gauge. I kept water temp at around 150-160 degrees and my oil temps would run up to 230 degrees!

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    I just added a oil temp sender to my motor before this weekend. Oil temp on a long cruise at around 3500 rpm never got above 160 and water temp was at 120.

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    Cruising @3500 to 4000rpm my oil temps stays around 210 but if I run it up for awhile it will shoot up to 260 to 270 I am going to put a oil cooler on this week. I run the engine temp anywhere from 130 to 160

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    BK, do you have an oil cooler ?
    My water never gets much above 140 and oil gets around 230-260, even 280 on long wide open runs.
    You could not use a water temp for checking oil.

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    Nope, no oil cooler. Im running a 10 quart pan with Mobile 1 15/50 in a mild BBC.

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    thats what i figured. and yeah i did tell him to drop the glass pipe! so i guess it would be a wise idea to run a oil temp gauge. i knew oil temp could get a little high but i never figured it would get that high. i'm currently runnin a 14quart oil pan with a dual remote oil filter and a proto type oil cooler. i would hope my oil shouldn't get that high with that setup.

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    [QUOTE=Tresguey] so i guess it would be a wise idea to run a oil temp gauge...proto type oil cooler.
    i run a mech oil temp gage hooked into the side of the pan where u drain it...i also run 50wt racing oil...less breakdown from the u run water thru ur oil cooler?...i have a Milodon oil cooler that hooks to the stock oil filter location & runs along the side of the block just above the pan & below the headers (OT's)...water runs thru it from the spigot on the jet...keeps the oil pretty cool

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    Indeed. Oil temperature has plenty to do with RPM, surface speed of journals, shear loads on the oil itself on the bearings (since the oil actually IS the bearing while running) and virtually nothing to do with engine / coolant temperature. Motor oil is best run above 220 degrees (to keep water boiled out of it) but well below 300 degrees, regardless of whatever your engine temp is. One caveat, coolers actually need to be set up with a thermostat of sorts or else it takes forever to get the oil up to a proper operating temperature, especially 10 to 14 quarts of it. That's 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 GALLONS.

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