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    I have a jc pump, seemed like there was a lot of water shooting up. thought is was the reverse bucket at first. ch'd it out tonight and its the nylon o-ring on the steering nozel. not the one on diverter (UO/DWN) the next one in (left/right) The top third was blown out of the groove and not sealing. bottom 2/3 was still in place. Think I am loosing thrust? 20' Hawaiin 468 bbc. new motor and pump rebuild (A)w/loader grate and diverter. 5100 rpm at 60.2 GPS. Is this slow or about norm. closed deck, full stringers, no hook. sub floor starting to rot with soggy foam under. thanks

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    I don`t know what your hull should do, but I can assure you that you are losing a lot of thrust. 1/3 missing?

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    spectras only
    Havnafit,5100RPM/60.2 with "A" impeller is pretty good for a 20 foot cruiser.Soggy foam and rotting floor equals extra weight,more vetted surface= less speed.Time for a resto job in the winter.Don't worry about it now,keep on boating.The white nylon ring is an easy fix for now.

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    spectras only--now I will have to go to bed with my broken heart thinking I have a cruiser. (sea ray with fly bridge) should get one though, wife hates this one. no storage fits four with a small cooler, and loud twisties. 60.2 is only a 59.5 and a tail wind. I sure hope the nylon ring helps...LOL

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    spectras only
    Don't worry,you're not alone.I had my 20 footer for 25 yrs with wet logs,and all of sudden my wife thinks it's louder than it used to be http://free.*** My 12 year old son loves it.She doesn't even want to go on my 24,because the exh tips are always exposed ,even at idle [that LS-6 has a tune that's music to my ears http://free.***].We run supertrapps in the 19 footer [loose a few hundred RPM http://free.***] with acceptable decibels for the female crew.

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