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Thread: This much difference?

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    OK, I took my old mallory DP dist. out of the boat. It was working fine but I wanted the reliability of an E.I. setup. I put an HEI with a 6AL in with the same total advance, same everything except a wider plug gap. I gained about 100-150 RPM (tach not very accurate) and went from 62 to 65 MPH. I know that's not fast, but 3 mph is quite a difference in a jet. Was something wrong with my points deal? Or is this a common gain, going to E.I. with MSD? I understand that MSD adds a bit of snort, but I didn't expect this much of a difference. The thing runs like a scaulded dog out of the hole too. In all, I guess I'm happy.

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    Yeah, I'd say something wasn't quite right with your old setup. 3mph is substantual.
    I have an old mallory dual point too, triggering a Crane HI-6M. I just got it running and I'd say something is screwed up. It's OK until, say, 3,000RPM, then it gets a mean miss. The tach reads WAY low too so I'm thinking the box isn't getting a clean trigger signal.

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    Hey Crdstang, I actually had that prob once in a car, it was the tach! somehow at about mid sweep it would ground out or something and cause a wicked miss. It read low too. just a thought.

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