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Thread: SPAM- Cheyenne Picklefork Jet For Sale

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    OldFaithful Squirter
    Medical reasons forces this sale!
    All original Gel Coat, Legend pump with inducer, loader, droop snoot, ride plate and with no expense spared, turn key complete with blown Alcohol motor at $15,000 or sell with tunnel ram 468 gas motor for $12,000
    will not be dis-appointed-contact Bob Blanchard at
    432-557-2529 cell
    432-339-7465 home or for more photos. This is the cleanest 87 always garaged tunnel hull in Texas

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    This would be a great deal. Somebody better jump on this.
    Any photos of stringers, hardware, pump ???

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Bense, that thing is CLEAN !!!! and Kelley ain't jivin' .....
    somebody better jump and Quick :devil:
    Kelly ...PM me ..whats up with Bob ???he OK ?? :frown:

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    How about a price for everything but no motor at all?

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    im pretty sure there is also a matching back seat and custom made perfectly fitting cover if it helps. one CLEAN unadulterated non-southernly engineered gel coat boat.

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    OldFaithful Squirter
    He did not mention if he would sell it less motor? But feel free to shoot him an email? thank Kelly

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    That sure is a nice looking boat anyone no how fast it is in the 1/4 with that blown alcohol motor.

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    OldFaithful Squirter
    Fast enough that is has been sold already I think, I spoke to Bob last Thursday and there was suppose to be some dude from Oklahoma coming to pick it up on Thursday?? This was one great deal for this boat!!

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    OldFaithful Squirter

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    i tried all day friday to get in touch with Mr. Blanchard,but was unsuccessful.
    i had found an agent that writes our scooters to cover the boat,but it sold so quickly that i didn't get a shot at it !
    lucky boater whoever he is !

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