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Thread: Challenger History?

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    Hey all, I just wanted to know if any of you know any history on Challenger boats. About a year ago I bought a 78 18-6 w/ a 460 and a Jacuzzi YJ. Its white w/ thr brown metal flake outer and 1 scallop running up the center of the hull. Ive started w/ the trailer and moved my way up. new engine, wiring, carpet, uppoltery, gauges, and on and on http://free.*** Anyway ive seen Katchina's that look really close so any info would be great. Thanks for the info and let me know if any of you hit the lower river, I have a place at Hidden Shores.

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    Hey fryll, I've got a '79 18'6" with a BBC and Dominator pump. I've done alot of the same things that you've mentioned and I too wanted to ask old rigger but i figured that he's probably getting bombarded with ??'s. How did you go about getting your trailer done? is there a place you can dry store your boat while you're doing the trailer?

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    Hey Challengerjet, I just went to the local tire shop and grabed some take off's(free) and placed them behind my boat and trailer. Now this is the tricky part http://free.*** Call about 8 of your buddys and tell them to come on over to shoot the s**t and dont woory about the beer cause you already bought it( buy alot because they might be p***ed). When thy show up just hand out the cold ones and tell em to start liftin http://free.*** I had my golf cart hooked to the boat and i had my dad pull the trailer out as we lifted and pushed the boat off the trailer and on to the tires, it was really easy if you have enough people. Some of my other buddys used jacks, 2x4's, casters, ropes, and a NASA engineer but this is really easy if you have the room and beer power http://free.*** Let me know how it works if you do it. The best part is watchin their faces when the figure out whats goin on http://free.***, but they get over after the first beer.
    Good luck, Chris

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    Fryzll, Kachina is the same boat,later in the 90's tahiti used the challenger mold to make boats. challengers were fast and strong,they cheapend the up in the late 70's when they used only 1/2 stringers and a false bottom. Jim Brock

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    fryzll, good idea, but i don't think i have 8 friends that i could sucker into that game, they're all wise to my cons.
    jim, i've got one of those late '70's challengers with 1/2 stringers, what's your take on them? Junk or not? i'm only asking because i don't want to put anymore money if it's a worthless cause. thanks for your input.

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    Some of you have already read some of my other posts and know I recently bought a 1977 Challenger, 460 ford, jacuzzi jet. It doesn't need much, just updated and a fresh look. I sense a Challenger club.

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    there are a lot of challengers still out there, the only problem with the 1/2 stringers are the floor rots out, and you loose the strenth in the bottom, if the floor is solid you've got a good boat. we raced one in the early 70's hi point champion for 3 or 4 years. Jim

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    Jim, thanks for the advice, I haven't really given the floor a thorough inspection but it seems to be solid. The boat has come a long way since I first bought it, (it's running now).
    fryzll,riverlover where are you guys from? OC area?

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    I'm in La Mirada. Kinda close to OC

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    Im in SanDiego's east county in Alpine. Thats why I have a place at Hidden Shores, 2 1/2 hours and im at the river http://free.*** Next year im movin the trailer to Fishers or Martinez, its too old for Hidden Shores now http://free.***

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