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Thread: First Race: Win!!!

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    Wet Dream
    I always wanted to check my boat against one of those "new" type jet boats. So for the first time today, I had my opportunity. It was a SeaDoo 1800, twin engine, twin drive boats. I motioned the guy to come over we started talking about the boats. It wasn't long before I asked him if he would like to run and see how the boats did against one another. He was all for it. So I get into mine and turn the key...not a damn thing. EMBARASSMENT, right off the bat, No clicks. After a jump, I got it going and we started side by side, rolling idle and gun it. At first, I got a little stumble but caught and it took off like a rocket. He never had a chance. We both wanted to try again, but for some stupid reason, I trimmed the Jetovator up. Hit the gas and the bow pointed to the sky. He got the hole shot, but I quickly gained and passed. We decided to go a third round and won that one. This really was for fun and I'm glad to know that I kicked butt on him. Just thought I would share this with my fellow jetters.

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    those boats are such a joke.

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    Agree a 100%..........( . )( . )....

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    Say it ain't so, you had to race an oversized jetski to get a win! Thats sad!
    Sorry, just screwin with you LDFTRBT

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    how much do one of those jetski's on steroids cost anyway?

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    Someone I know just bought a 19 foot SeaDoo. Nice family/fun boat, holds about 6, but WAY TOO expensive! It was $20,000 before financing. W/ Interest he is paying like $27,000. Here is the funny part, He sank it the first week. This guy unknowingly sucked up a plastic bag, and the boat lost power. So instead of inverstigating the power loss, he just kept on cruising at WOT. The plastic bag plugged up the cooiling water, which in turn melted the exhaust hose, filling the bilge w/ water.
    First weekend out, and that wasn't covered under warranty.

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    Wet Dream
    I'll admit, I really wanted to go up against one of those things. Just to see how it would do. I humbled him. Finding another jetboat around here to race is few and far between. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right???

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    Hey, cut Wet Dream some slack! The only win I have under my belt is the day I kicked the s**t outta one of those paddle boats in the channel at Havasu! Man, those two little 8 year old girls were pi**ed! Besides, he deserves some respect just for his screen-name! http://free.***

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    Hey wetdram, Its al good bro. My boat isnt done yet but I took my brand new jet ski out on sunday and spanked the shit out of 2 jetboats. They were quite pissed off and started talking shit to me but when I took off my life vest to fight and flexed, hey shut up real quick.One the other hand I tried to race a v-drive and he spanked my ass very badly. I dont understand why people get so mad and serious when doing a little lake racing. I thought the lake was a place to have fun! It looks like some people just cant take it. Anywayz, congrats on your first win bro. Peace out,396

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