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Thread: A funny thing happened on the way back from...

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    Memorial Weekend at Havasu....we stopped in Parker for a quick boat ride and some tacos at the upper sand bar. My camera was waaaay dead by this time, so no pics, but RiverKitty came with us so I sure she's got some...
    I decided to use the launch ramp at the Sheriff's station. They have a nice ramp, dock and plenty of parking. We had a bunch of stuff in the back of the truck and I though this would be the safest place in town.....I get the trailer in the water and hit the We killed both batteries running the stereo on Sunday and I didn't have a cord to recharge them over night. I get out the jumperbox, which we'd also killed....I did however have it plugged in for a couple of hours before we left. Fingers are click, vroom! Whew. We didn't want to disappoint the Kingman Kitty....
    We head north up towards the dam. We are dodging and weaving the big waves, the other boats and the jetskis. I see a Patrol boat up ahead and I acknowleged the officer as we passed. I made it through the crowds and got some clear water and open it up....I look back and we are not raising any problems so we continue up to the dam. Its nice and quiet up there, the voltmeter was showing a strong 14 all the way up, so I think we're good.
    I go ahead and kill the motor. We are floating back, no stereo though, just in case. After a bit I notice the big gray Whaler with the ominous colored lights on the rack is heading our way..."Oh geez, did I cut it too close when passing someone"? No, that's not it. Mario tells RK, "Hey there's no smoking allowed on the river...." She gets nervous...and tries to hide her ciggy...
    The officer pulls along side and asks to "See some identification".... Puptent fishes in his bag for his wallet....
    I notice the smirk on the LEO's face....
    "Alan?" I ask....not sure but catching on....
    He starts laughing.....
    He recognized the transom name from my sig line here and just pulled up to say hello. We had a nice chat and got all updated on the weekends activities in Parker...nothing too tragic.....RD has some 'splaining to do apparently, but no real injuries. I thanked Alan for tipping me off to the ramp there at the station. He went back to work and we floated a bit more...
    We got some tacos from the sunburned guys on the big pontoon at the sand bar. Two of my crew had not seen Parker, so we headed down toward the lower sandbar to show them the rest.....we cut through the keys and ran into RiverDave and his GF on their way to breakfast. He'd seen us and stopped to say hi.
    We finally made it down to the Bluwater and someone yelled something about post whores. Who me? Slink and his family were floating and taking it easy in the lower lagoon. We pulled up and hung out for a few minutes. He sure has a nice ride. Riverkitty took more pictures and we called it a day. Still had a 4 hour drive ahead of us to get home.
    I think I met more folks from the boards on the strip in those few hours than we do in a normal weekend. Parker is a cool place.

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    Good story I thought it was going in another direction. Also got your pm thanks for taking care of it.

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    sounds like a killer time

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    I guess it pays to have your screen name on your boat so our own kind will recognise you. I'm having "CHARLYOX" painted on my boat thursday by Bob Thompson.

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    I'm having Asshole painted on the back of my boat so people will recognize me.

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    Sorry we didn't get to stop and meet you guys for breakfast. We were on the road from Havasu by 8:30-9:00. Had a nice lil drive through highway 1. We stopped at the McDonalds off of Lovekin blvd off the 10 to grab a quick bite, and when I came out someone jacked my tie down straps. WTF. All I did was order and came back out because our gear was in the back of the truck like yours. O well, we had way too much fun at the mini sandbar and in the channel with you guys to let that even matter the least bit.

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    I'm having Asshole painted on the back of my boat so people will recognize me.
    There are allready several ones with that name out there..It's just not painted on :wink:

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    What a nice story........ Parker is great.

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    I'm having Asshole painted on the back of my boat so people will recognize me.
    And get a tattoo like that too.

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    when I came out someone jacked my tie down straps.
    YOU gotta be shittin me. :burningm:

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