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    Has anyone done anything besides XM.... I want to see what everyone has to say about them, has anyone seen there hard wired remote?... I have only seem the XM sony remote

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    We recently got Sirius in a new car...factory installed. I've got 3 other XM accounts and had never listened to sirius before. All in all I'd say they're pretty close in content and quality. Good stuff

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    I've got Sirius at home on the Dish Network and like the programing better than XM. I have XM in the boat and cars. Test listen to both for free online before you buy. That way you can pick the one with the programming you like best. I wish I would have done this before I got the XM. Also, I am very disappointed with the XM sound quality, but I am not sure if Sirius would be any better. Neither is CD quality and it really breaks up at high volume. I don't like to play the XM loud in the boat, it just sounds too harsh.

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