I have a glastron ssv 199 with a .040 over 454. it has a comp cams .525/.525 lift, .222/.226 @ .050 dur. marine cam.Edelbrock airgap intake with 750 holley.. I did not replace the stock exhaust manifolds and just read something about water reversion,I'm guessing this would be bad. Its only ran about 2 hrs. and now i've got to pull the motor for other reasons,nothing mechanical. If I replace the exhaust with something like EMI's thunder exhaust,can i still run it out the outdrive or do i need to run it out the transom. I've also been told I'm at the limits of my alpha ones capabilities. I really cant afford a bravo right now. I'm running a land & sea torque shift prop with 13/32 pitch anything i can do to the alpha while its out to increase reliability.