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Thread: Its nice to be back

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    party fever
    Hope all is well with the original crew , hope to meet some of the newpeeps soon.
    Its been a year scince i made the bigest mastake of my life , that is the black monday day my boat was sold but it looks like my hunny due list is almost done so as you may know IIITTTTTSSSS TTIIMMMEEE ! once again to put the party fevers back on the water hope to see you all soon

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    Don't feel bad PF - I've been busted up since April 04 and am just now getting the boat back together. Not having a boat sucks azz!
    Welcome back, was wondering where ya disappeared to.

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    Welcome back good to see you knocked the list out

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    Party Cat
    Jacob.....Welcome back...we missed your crew at RWYB.....

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    party fever
    how did rwyb go over, i havent herd , i got so busy during that time it was to crazy to make it , hope it went well
    c- ya

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