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Thread: Weedwacker spanking party!!!

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    Alright, I had to do it.
    I didn't want to scare too many of you guys with squirt guns, I mean boats, away from the Big block spanking party III.
    I know some of you will be at Op6, and hopefully will be able to make it to BBSPIII.
    This is all about FUN!!
    It's just better to talk about winning than losing, Right? Wrong!! It's all about the way you keep your beer cold!!
    Big block spanking partyIII Oct 5,6,7th,

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    I'm still going to try and make it out!!! OP6 is on this upcoming weekend!! disregard that e-mail I just sent you, (had my weekends mixed up)
    Barney, If I drag the Nordic up there you have a place for me and a lacky or two to crash??

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    wicky I'm still planning on showing up, sound like fun. But just because I suck (BBC jet) please be gentle!!!

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    Sorry Wicky, I won't be able to make it out. I'm going to OP6 and then I'll be back out @ Havasu for the whole week of 10/7 through 10/15. Just can't get much more time off of work right now. let me know when you guys plan on BBSP4. I'd love to check it out.

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    I'll be happy to kick open the barn doors and have a slumber party, provided the numbers all match up! http://free.***

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    HB I know your numbers 2-1

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    Barney, is there any other way?? I might even bring a little feisty one for you http://free.***

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    Hey...what is the location of this get together? There is a group of us dragging 5 21 footers (2 Eliminators, a Spectra, a Hallett and a Schiada...all squirt boats) down to Mojave, and then on to Parker for some fun.
    Where are you guys going to be? We are going to be a party looking for a place to happen!

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    Sorry to say I won't be there. My Big Block would get spanked anyway. I bet it'll be fun anyway. Every one be safe!

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    I still have not heard of a LOCATION for this Spanking thing....We may have a boat or two in our group that will give you daquiri-wackers a good run for your beer http://free.***

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