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    My flexplate is making intermittent noise on my 468 B/B .My guess is that it is flexing and hitting the motor plate? At first I thought it was hitting the starter gear ... shimmed it ... no help! Replacing flexplate with a heavyduty sfi rated one is my next move.
    Do you think I'm on the right track?

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    I would also ask this in "Just Jets".
    But if not the starter drive must be hitting something :hammer2:

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    Cole Sanger
    Mine was the same way. I added two flexplate shims which are .030" each and it spaced it out enough. I also have the SFI flexplate. Mine is in a v-drive. Hope that helps.

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    My flex plate flywheel on BBC made a very bad noise at about 3k and then went away. Ground some of the engine mout plate behind flywheel. Helped for awhile.Then it started making noise all the time. Put new flex plate in, no problem.

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    Stock flexplates are shit unless they are bolted to a torque converter they are never straight(and weak), and if they are straight when you crank the motor over they will tweak while cranking anyway(I have the marks to prove it)!..The best way is to spring for an SFI chromemoly flexplate!..

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