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Thread: Landslides in Laguna...

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    I hope this doesn't affect any peeps we know....
    The loss will be VERY significant (

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    that is alot of cashola sitting on the side of a mountian.

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    Helped me actually...
    I did a driveway on one of those houses to help a customer out. He owed me 35k. Took him to court and won so he put a claim against me for faulty work (it wasnt)....its faulty now time to collect ....

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    Now Yahoo's is working :hammerhea :hammerhea :hammerhea

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    I can't believe no one was seriously injured. At least with Hurricanes we get a 3- 5 day warning.

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    I've got a place a little north of there, in Emerald Bay, but no effects of this slide. Freaked me a little when I first heard of this. The house isn't perched so much on the cliff like some of those that slid today. Big money down there, and a lot of "it won't happen to me" attitudes...Still sorry to see the losses. What a way to wake up in the morning. I hope it all stablizes quick.

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    Steamin' Rice
    I live in Aliso Viejo and take Laguna Canyon Road to work in the mornings.. I saw a couple of fire trucks with their lights on at about 7:15 this morning heading towards the beach...... I guess this is why..

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    I didn't think Laguna was zoned for mobile homes?????

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    I work in the Geology field and these houses were zoned for landslides way back in 1978 when only about 2 miles away there was a landslide which destroyed about 25 houses..People should be way smarter and look into things before they move into these situations. This just means more work for us.. bummer.

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