free service, hot boaters only, it is June, the year is basically half over, which means your chances to cut your taxes are basically half gone, so to help I am making the following offer.
Get all your tax stuff from last year, along with the new stuff (financial statements, W-2's, investment statements, etc, etc, etc, just like you were getting ready to do your taxes), fax them to me, 270-554-3966, call the office 270-554-0720, set up a time for a phone conference with Chris, and during our meeting I will go over tax planning strategy with you. No matter what anyone tells you, no one can really help you eliminate taxes after December 31, that has to happen during the year.
The meeting will be free, you only pay for the phone call (I am not THAT generous), if I can help great, if no you blew a little time, at a minimum I (or one of my very talented staff members) will show you where you stand and where you are likely to end up. I can determine who best for you to meet with after seeing your date. Everything is confidential, nothing disclosed (white out your name and SS# if you want), I will shred everything once our meeting is over unless you request I hold on to it.
We do this for regular business clients at a cost of $175/hour, one hour minimum, for hot boaters, it is free during June and July (may extend it if schedule permits). After October 1 the fee goes to $225/hour and there are NO freeies (I am simply to swamped).
That is it, a freebie for fellow boaters........
If you want check out my website for a current year estimator, it will help you know where you stand, but the tax planning needs to be done one on one. click on tax estimator, and have fun.