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    Licketty Split
    Does any one have any last tips before I glass my new stringgers and floor in tomorrow any words of insperation will also help I'm SSSOOO Ready to go to the lake

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    Wear gloves!

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    HBjet...You're a funny ****!! And you're always on the boards. HEY!!! I didn't edit that. What's up?

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    Don't breathe that stuff. Make you LOONEY!

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    Clean EVERYTHING with acetone. Even the cat. Cause then you can glass it too. Mix the resin VERY thoroughly or it may not set right. Work out EVERY air bubble you see. Align the fibers in the cloth so they are straight and not wavy. This weakens the layup. And have lots of beer handy.

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    Put the resign and hardner in a paper bag. Place the bag over your nose and mouth. Breathe deeply. Repeat. You shouldn't have to drink beer for about 10 days after this. http://free.***

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    Shit, skip breathing the glass mix, go for some high powered ether, thats the only thing that worries me is ether, there is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible than a man in the depths of an ether binge.

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