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    A friend of mine's daughter is looking to buy a boat it will be her first boat I suggested a jet boat (safety reason)open bow for the (tag alongs) and she would like to keep it under $10,000 suggestions and some things to keep an eye on would be appreciated

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    she can find a lot under $10,000. Go to and search for things like:
    Older Hallets
    ALso go to Just Jets, there are a couple of boats for sale in there now!
    Things I would look for, Low hours 200 or under. Maintaince records, if it is a jet, when was the last time it was rebuilt, and by whom. Make sure to check all cables, if any are stiff they have to be replaced. Overall condition of the gel coat. Look for little spiders in the gel, or stress cracks. This will let you know how hard the beat thier boat. Get someone you know, who knows jet boats to go with her to look at every boat. Also drive before you buy it. It may look great but not handle the way you think it should.
    You can find some really cool older boats that have been maintained to the hilt if you are patient.

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