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Thread: "Everybody has to Cross the River"

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    "Everybody has to Cross the River"
    Apparently, This Is An IQ Test Given To Job Applicants In Japan.
    Here are the rules:
    1. Only 2 persons on the raft at a time
    2. The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their mother's presence.
    3. The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their father's presence.
    4. The thief (striped shirt) can not stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there
    5 Only the Father, the Mother, and the Policeman know how to operate the raft.
    6. To move the people click on them, to move the raft click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.
    To start, click on the big blue circle on the right.
    Click on this link to start.

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    Took me awhile but I finally got it.
    Unleashedclothing ( :devil:

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    Going for an interview with a Japanese employer?

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    Ready To Run
    Got it, time to :sleeping:

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    I got it but im not saying how long it took...........damn my head hurts!

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