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    Just got a new Chevy 2500 HD short bed, and want to get a bed cover for it. I like the Snug Lids, or something similar. Does anyone have a connection in Orange County for them? And, what can I expect to pay. I need a white one.

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    It's not in Orange County but Jason Riley at Rancho Motorsports does them out of his shop, color matched. I think he has a couple different brands depending on your budget. Give him a call and tell him your from *** If nothing else he can give you a price to compare to. 909-390-9722. He's in Ontario where the 10 and 15 fwy meet.
    Good Luck,

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    Thanks a lot, I will give him a call, to at least know my options, and what I might expect to have to pay. There are some other things I need such as a billet grill and other accesories.

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    Does he do older trucks as well? 79 Chevy?

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    Does he do older trucks as well? 79 Chevy?
    Not sure, give him a call.

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    Travel Land @ Sand Canyon in Irvine

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    Pace Edwards make a cool roll top.....very convenient!

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