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Thread: UFO spotted in Havasu last Sat.

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    Unidentified Floating Object !!!!!!
    Did Anyone happen to get a picture of the spaceship crusing the channel last Saturday morning? I didn't have my camera with me yet. That tunnel was killin me, maybe I am just not ready for the future of boating... if thats where it's going. (It looked kinda Euro)
    If anyone got some shots of it PLEASE post them. I want to find some specs on that thing as well.

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    Yea, someone got a pic of it. It was on a thread from Tues. I think... Pretty F'ed up boat... :2purples: :hammerhea

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    I looked around for it yesterday, but I didn't see anything.
    Sorry for the thread repea :hammer2:

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    I think it was named
    ET phone home.

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    Is this it? I got it from insideline. Someone posted it there...

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    SouthBay RB
    They started a thread at HD place
    Alien SHIP (;f=14;t=4495)

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    Is that a Jedi or a Sith ship?

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    little rowe boat
    Very cool,I wonder if it has a/c.

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    Very cool,I wonder if it has a/c.
    I wondered the same thing but as it passed us in the channel, the back of the cockpit is open so I doubt it.
    I believe there was an article in a recent Powerboat about this boat and if my memory is right it's from Russia.

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