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Thread: Windage tray?

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    Speedin' Ian
    My engine builder just finished our short block, but there is one problem. There are no provisions on the stock main bolts for the windage tray. He had a part number for some ARP studs he thought would work but he wasn't sure because of the large stroke crank. I am running a dart block and the motor is a 540. What studs do you guys run? I could pick up the block and install new main studs myself but I would rather have him do it in case their is a problem.

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    This is what Bob found for my deal:

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    Those are also sold individually at around $10.00 ea. ARP might have something also.

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    If it was line honed with bolts then you need to put bolts back in.
    Don't put studs in where bolts were unless you have to.
    Dooley has some bolts with windage tray mounts built on them.

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    Ian, the ARP kit only has 4 studs per kit. Dooley sells them seperately, or get 2 kits........Now, you said "bolts" and you said "stock", I have a set of stock bolts with the tray extensions, let me know if you need them.........Ray

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    Not trying to critisize here, but I am a little concerned that a good engine builder does not have this issue solved. This is not a rocket science issue here and a good engine builder would not even trouble you with the question, he should know what's needed and he would already have the parts installed. Moral of this question is, find an engine builder, not neccessarily and engine assembler. The term "engine builder" seems to get overused in the marine engine trade.
    Just food for thought
    Ray @ Raylar

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    The studs (actually not studs but mainbolts with standoffs on them) Dooley uses are GM. I can give you the part numbers if you want them. Mk4 and Gen 5-6 are not the same. I should have both in stock also. Dooley uses a w. tray that is dimpled around the stud location for large strokes (effectively lowers the tray for clearance).

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    Mike, Dooley told me they have the ARP studs seperately, and they also wonder why ARP would sell a kit with only 4, but they have for a long time and that is why Dooley has them in bulk........along with the ground washers,nuts, and tray mounting nuts....Expensive, but available. I wonder why Ian called them "stock bolts"...........MP

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    The studs are sold in sets of 4 to work with the GM windage tray. True, the GM tray has 5 holes, but the 5th one lines up with the oil pump bolt. GM sells the correct bolts/studs, but they are a bit pricey now days, as I recently found out. I think they are about $13 for the oil pump bolt with the stud on it, and about $16 for the main bolts with the tray studs. Gen 4 and Gen 5-6 are different, and I have been forced to use a washer under the tray a couple of times to make clearance.

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    i use a Milodon flat bottom pan with a built-in windage tray that clears a 4.500" stroker crank with n/p...i just use the ARP main bolts & everything's kewl

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