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Thread: Some One want to see my exhaust set up...

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    Wasn't me but I just love looking at boat pics! Looks like you have a nice sano ride there. Good meeting you at Ming. I just wish I could have seen that bad boy make a pass!

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    Nice pics B509L. Do you see a need to use two hose clamps on the exhaust hose and tip? It appears you used just one. I just installed a new set of lightnings and I also used only one where exhaust hose attaches. But I have noticed a lot of builders use two. Even on a few of the installations on the new Ultra site, there are two at the header and two at the tip. I was just wondering if this is necessary? How does your set-up work? I guess if they don't leak with that blown 509 pushing through it then it should be plenty for me.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by 1quickjet:
    Do you see a need to use two hose clamps on the exhaust hose and tip?
    I put two clamps on my EMI Thunders. If one breaks, I'd like to know that my engine compartment won't immediately fill up with water and/or exhaust.

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    1 my tips are above watter line
    2 I have run claps on this system and Lighting with never a problem

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    Racing Ray
    [This message has been edited by Racing Ray (edited March 18, 2002).]

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    fat rat
    I believe 2 clamps are required by U.S.C.G., but who could pass a Coast Guard insp. anyways.

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    509, nice lookn boat. Do you have any problems with your nylocks. The threads appear a bit short. Racing Ray, minus the silicone, your exhaust looks sweet!!

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    Hey Racing Ray, Are those S pipes fabbed out of Mandrel Stainless? They look great. I have a set of EMI thunders with a similar setup but mine are a set of multi angle welded and ceramic coated pieces.
    How "bad" was it to do those up.

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    Racing Ray, nice touch!!! clean...sweet

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