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Thread: Who's in the mood for a good Cigar????

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    The cigar shop by my house is having a CAO party tonight at 6:00. Those are some real good cigars that are all rated 90 + . I talked to the shop owner and he said that they will be giving out free ones to anyone who wants. The shop is in the shopping center next to adami and washington mutual in anaheim hills off of imperial and santa ana canyon rd. Embassy Cigars 714-998-9220
    See you there.

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    if it wasn't so F-ing far from here :hammer2:

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    Steamin' Rice
    Can't tonight, but maybe next time dog......

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    My bro in law just got back from Cuba. What customs doesn't know won't hurt them (in this case) :devil:

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    Tell me how it goes, C

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    It was a good time and I scored a couple of freebies. Came home stinkin of cigar breath. The wife loves that part. Their having another one soon with drew estates...Cigar co. I'll give more heads up next time.

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    Was Monica there

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    blah :yuk:

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