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Thread: Spamola - Billet Pulleys For 496

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    I now have the billet pulleys availale for the Merc 496 but don't know how to post pictures. There are 3 pics on Image Center under Gear Heads, Motors and Outdrives, Franky called Pulley 1,2 & 3. Could some kind soul please post these pics for me. Thanks

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    What kind of 496 is that ?? :squiggle:

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    Spamola needs priceola. And, that doesn't look like my496HO, darn it!!

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    I got mine chromed since it seems you could not get to Raylar in time for my needs

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    Or you could just say f- the picture size, I posting 'em.

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    That is too trick! But I still beat you to it
    You da man!!!

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    Spamola needs priceola. And, that doesn't look like my496HO, darn it!!
    Hey, a little powder coating, polish the exhaust uprights, billet pulleys, billet PS reservoir, get rid of all the fricken hoses and bull sh*t with MY oil cooler/bracket kit (I will post pics tomorrow) and WALLA, an engine that doesn't look like an industrial back up generator. Eddies gets $575 for there 6 piece billet pulley kit for the 502. I'll take $525 for my 8 piece set-up. I also make coil relocate kit and plug wires There are good looks available for the 496!.

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