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Thread: Music Downloads

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    So where is everyone downloading the free music from these days. OP6 is around the corner and I wanted to put together a few CD's. I used to use Kazaa, but everyother song on there seems to be corrupt.

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    yup yup...Limewire..dont need anything viruses..and they have everything!

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    I have used for years without any problems

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    CJ ( No trash, no spam, no viruses or adware!

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    How bout you actually pay for it and it wont be corrupt. :notam:

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    How bout you actually pay for it and it wont be corrupt. :notam:
    THats what I say...I am done with free music, always sucks full of spyware. I use MSN music or Itunes.

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    I use Kazaa-lite with file share turned off, however, I do have friends who share music with me and vice versa. :smile:
    When I look for songs, I look for higher than 128 kbps and I check the song length claim against the AMG track listing. I still get the occasional dud, misnamed file or glitched track but I'm persistent (bless the "auto search more" feature ). Very rare I can't find what I seek - sometimes it takes a long time is all. Soon as a song comes in I preview it and only keep clean rips. I've got decent protections on my computer and as far as I know I haven't been spammed or gotten any viruses from the files I've downloaded. I'm happy with the combined resource of K-lite and my friends. :smile:

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    meaniam No trash, no spam, no viruses or adware!
    works for me no pop up adware or spyware

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    Kim Hanson
    LimeWire rocks baby...........( . )( . )...........

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    By far the best

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