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Thread: Running boards

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    Someone posted a while back about some running boards that extend out when you open the door, and retract when you close the door. Who is the manufacturer, and how much do they cost? They seemed real nice, and if I raise my truck, my wife and daughter will have to have running boards.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    About $1,300 installed....

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    Wow, those are really nice, but pricey.

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    I think the N-Fab nerf bars are sweet. Might want to check them out.

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    I've got a couple quotes on the Amp running boards. I've been told $1200 installed from custom motorsports in corona and $1400 installed from Gary's in Ontario. Custom and a couple others wants $1000 OTD not installed. Gary's wanted like $1200 OTD.

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    ill find some

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    I think the N-Fab nerf bars are sweet. Might want to check them out.
    Is there a website they can be seen at?

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    Is there a website they can be seen at?
    Never mind, did a search, and found their website. They do look pretty nice. I am going to Outlaw Offroad on Monday, and see what products they have that I can actually see, and compare.

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    I installed the Kodiack Sidewinders on my truck. It's more of a step but wide enough to stand on. I spent about $150 on each. One for each side of the truck and 2 for each side of my four door. A little cheaper.

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    Thanks for the replies, I am open to all suggestions. I didn't get the factory running boards, because they are even with the bottom door side, and if I lift the truck, I figured they would be worthless to my wife, because even though they are there, they would still be too high. I am definately looking for something that hangs down a little. I really like the electric drop down running boards, just don't like the price.

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