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Thread: Me and Madison...

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    Ya know peeps... I had a great night last night. Had dinner with a little friend of mine and her family. Madison is doing fabulous, bucking all the trends, and truly amazing some doctors. The Havasu raft-up is officially gonna happen this summer. Thanks to all the peeps here that have offered the support, prayers, and thoughts. I'll post a date for the water-party later on.

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    Right on

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    Wow, she looks great. Thanks for the update!

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    I am so glad to see her doing so well........................Can't wait to have a lake gathering.

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    Mrs. casean
    Great news! Great smile she has too Glad to see this!

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    You are no longer allowed to post anythig to do with Madison. I am getting sick of crying everytime you do :redface:
    Great News BTW
    Oh my gosh I am glad I am not the only one with tears running down my face. I can not even type.
    She is a beautiful little girl. I can not wait until we can meet on the lake.

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    That's amazing!!!

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    To see her face, just warms my heart! Great pic!

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    Awesome!!!!! It is great to hear!!! God Bless

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    right on
    raft up sounds good too...

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