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Thread: Additional proof that ability to buy a car and the ability to drive it are unrelated

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    LOS ANGELES -- Two people were killed Thursday in a crash at California Speedway in Fontana.
    A private car club was renting the speedway at the time of the crash.
    A Porsche Carrera GT crashed into a retaining wall and came to rest on the track's infield. Authorities said two people were in the vehicle at the time of the crash.
    One person was pronounced dead at the scene.
    The second person in the car was transported by Mercy Air to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. That person later died.
    The track is home to the California 500, Nextel Cup 500, the Toyota Indy 400 and other motorsport events. The 2-mile D-shaped oval surrounds an infield portion used for road courses and a 13-turn interior test circuit.
    Private parties can rent the track to turn laps.

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    I can't verify any of this info but here's some of what has been posted on this incident (I've read that the guy had a newborn baby at home)...
    Just to clear the false presumptions in this thread - the driver was going approximately 150-165 mph down the front straight of the track when a Ferrari pulled out from the pits and into his driving path. He swerved to avoid a collision with the Ferrari and lost control of the Porsche and then slammed into a wall. Cutting the wheel in any car at 150-165 mph is probably going to result in some control issues, save for maybe a full blown F1 car. The driver was a well-respected member of a good amount of car forums including - a valued contributor that many looked up to. The passenger was a prospective CGT buyer going out for a hot lap. It's a very tragic incident and there are many, many people grieving as I write this. The driver is survived by his wife and few-month old daughter.
    Here is more information if you are interested in knowing more about it:

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